One look at the poster for Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and you know, less is more.

From an advertising point of view the lines are clean, the visual has impact and the campaign kicks a clear punch. Not too much in the background. Simple, to the point of being effective. A full-page ad in a  magazine or newspaper would surely grab the necessary eyeballs to the product right-away. No frills. No gimmicks. No add-ons. Just the divine pleasure of Scotch to the one who knows its premium value. Sheer genius.

From an existing consumer’s point of view, I have the focus on the product and it draws my attention to the new. The Triple Gold Reserve. It has managed to pique my interest where I am willing to experiment with the product for my loyalties to the brand Black Dog remain constant. The ad pushes me to add-on a new drinking partner, gently. Nicely done.

From a prospective consumer’s point of view, the copy tells me just what I should know, crisp product details. Not giving too much detail and definitely no boring brand copy.  You want to hook the reader, so you have a key visual for brand recognition, two lines that define the essence of the product and a tagline that completes the ad. As someone who has never consumed Black Dog, I would be intrigued enough to give it another look. Perhaps, even try the product for self or gift it to someone. Branding Purpose Achieved.

It is no wonder then, that United Spirits (USL) Black Dog Whisky is the world’s fastest growing scotch whiskey in the past five years.* (Source – Times Of India). 


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