Easy evenings with Black Dog Whisky. What could they possibly hold? How could they make an evening easier, if at all? Is it because you can drown in its golden hues and not recollect how hard the day has been. Or is it because it promises to be your solace when you are but by yourself. What would define an evening as easy? And why easy? Why not elaborate? Why not exciting? And why not endearing? Yes, why not indeed?

Here’s why……

When you know that you’ve earned it.

When you know that this is where you’d rather be.

When you are at peace with your life’s pace.

When you are indulging your desires.

When you are making the best of what you have.

When you know that the journey is what matters

When you know that this time won’t return.

When you make the time for what’s important.

When you know people matter over things.

When you can walk away from wrong.

When you can make the right choice.

When you choose life.

When you choose to fight the odds.

When winning is not what matters.

When you take the plunge.

When you can laugh at yourself.

When you go beyond the obvious.

When you make the time.

When you can just let go.

When you know nothing is impossible.

When little things matter.

When you are happy.

When happiness is a state of mind.

When your mind is at ease.

When you know you can.

When you know you will.

When you can face another day.

Yes, the evenings are then easy.


 Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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