Did you know that whisky does not have a dedicated glass in which it can be consumed? Large mouth glasses or tumblers as they are called have been used forever. More recently, tulip shaped whisky glasses have made an appearance. They are wide at the base and taper towards the top, in the shape of a tulip. The design by Glencairn has been crafted keeping in mind the ‘nose’ of the whisky, so as to be able to take in the aroma, along with the taste. 

Whisky, however is all about drinking with the senses. Hence, a glass that is comfortable in your hand, is the one that you should use, daddy says. You see, you take in the aroma, taste the notes, let the blend stay on the palette and then satiate the soul. Whisky drinking is not meant for the faint of heart. It is an art, and yes, you have to be an artist to savour its nuances. Hence, whatever glass you choose, it has to complement your style. 

The most preferred glass for whisky is always with a wide bottom. Daddy has one in crystal with cut-work. It also has a dedicated space in the bar. He likes his whisky with water. Whenever he pours the Black Dog, the liquid sunshine just radiates a million rays through the crystal glass. It looks like molten gold as the first notes fill the air. Warm but strong fruity tones. 

Whisky can be had neat, with ice or water. Daddy does not prefer adding anything else as it dilutes the taste. He says, a whisky can hold out on its own and does not need any taste add-ons. And hence, a wide bottom glass is perfect as it makes just enough room. Whisky drinkers, by and large, like to take it slow. They can let the world wait while they enjoy their drink. And hence it is imperative that the glass they hold is comfortable and not too heavy. 

And when a whisky such as Black Dog is your preferred choice, your glass has to be well thought of too. After all, it is a blend of selected grain whiskies and malt whiskies that have been matured separately. And then the master blender has put them together and matured them again in Oloroso Sherry Butts, giving way to the Triple Gold Reserve brand. Anything that takes this much time and effort simply cannot be enjoyed in a rush or in the ordinary. It has to be a Glass Act!


Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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