Before you go, lose your head

Let me rest those fears, quick

S, M, T, W, T are nothing my dear

But the days of the week

Monday Blues are well-known

As they cause great heart burn

To unwind the day, its worries

The soul for a Scotch yearns

Tuesday arrives too quick

Deadlines have to be met

Gosh, I need a vacation

Is it time to go home yet?

Wednesday is not so bad

Almost mid way to the week

Time to make weekend plans

Getting there as I speak

Thursday I take it easy

I even have a drink or two

The weekend is almost here

I’ll tell you what we’ll do

Friday, the glorious day arrives

I can feel it in the air

C’mon , it’s time to party

I’ll see you at the lair


Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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