Ok, so I simply could not complete this challenge without a few whisky facts! And since we all depend on Google for our daily bread, and data, I scouted high and low. I found quite a few interesting facts and knew just had to share. I bet you, you’d not know a few of them too. Take the test, if you must.

Also, the sources from where this content has been taken have been credited. 

Fact No 1. Source http://www.thebottle-o.com.au/

“To be classed as Scotch it must be aged in Scotland for 3 years.”

By law, whisky isn’t Scotch if it hasn’t aged for at least three years in oak casks. It must also have been aged and bottled in Scotland. The labels don’t have to state the age but if a bottle does and it is a blended whisky, the age must be that of the youngest whisky in the mix. However, most Scotch is at least five years old and single-malt tends to be around 10 to 21 years old.

Fact No 2. Source http://www.thebottle-o.com.au/

“The ‘angel’s share’ refers to whisky that evaporates in the cask.”

Ever heard someone refer to the ‘angel’s share’ when talking about whisky? What they meant was the percentage of whisky lost to evaporation every year that it ages in the cask.  In order to let the amber nectar breathe, whisky barrels are porous, resulting in a small amount of evaporation. As much as five per cent will be lost in the first year, and between two to four per cent every year after that. The rate of evaporation depends on humidity levels, temperature and salinity in the air but, although the amount of whisky lost varies, the angels will always take their share each year.   

Fact No 3 Source http://www.all4women.co.za/

“Whisky is one of the healthiest drinks you can drink.”

A university in Australia recently found that taking a shot daily could provide the same antioxidant benefits as our recommended intake of Vitamin C. Huh? Apparently when whisky is stored in oak barrels to mature, it absorbs compounds that protect the healthy cells in our body.

What’s more, another substance present in whisky, ellagic acid, is believed to help fight cancer by absorbing ‘rogue’ cells, according to the findings of a conference in Glasgow, Scotland in 2005.

Fact No 4 Source http://www.ionmagazine.co.uk/

“If you need a warm pick me up always choose whisky.”

It can withstand extremely cold temperatures and has been known to be carried by polar explorers as an Arctic warmer. It can remain in a liquid state even at -30 degrees Celsius.

And last but not the least. In fact the most important of all….

Fact No 5 Source http://www.ionmagazine.co.uk/

“It’s all about money, money, money.”
Scotch whisky makes on average £135 a second for the Scottish government and just less than 2,500 bottles are exported from Scotland every minute. You do the maths.

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