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And that’s not because I can’t but have you seen the traffic in Mumbai? Also, the fact that I lost my license and never bothered to make a new one is an additional reason why I rather be driven. So, if you are wondering what was I doing at the pre-launch of TATA Zica last weekend, the answer is simple……………….you never, and I mean NEVER say no to Goa.


So, packed with a single point agenda to enjoy my time off, I was at Alila Diwa as part of the 60 bloggers camp. My task was simple, I was to be a backseat driver. How much effort does that really take? And in a city like Goa, ‘the susegaad mode’ just takes over. Plus, Team Zica made it a point that we got our adequate fun time before they got down to business. Post that I braced myself for a humdrum presentation, you know the kinds that brands always work into an event. What I was faced with was something I had not expected.

We were standing in a locker room replica with Messi shirts and football paraphernalia all around. I am nice enough to admit when I am impressed, and so I was. Next thing we knew, Cyrus Sahukar was appointed our team coach and he was to lead us onto a win-win path. The in-depth video presentation by Pratap Bose, Head of Design at Tata Motorsthat followed explained how the extended man-hours and extensive team work resulted in the making of ZICA. With a TATA Motors legacy, I wouldn’t have expected anything less. And then Delna Avari, Head of Marketing and ServicesTata Motors spoke about how Messi came on-board as brand ambassador. And at that precise moment it hit me – given Goa’s Portuguese football roots and its scenic coastal routes it was the perfect choice for a pre-launch location. Nicely done Team ZICA!


The unveiling of the sunburst orange Zica was a grand moment. Attention to detail with the different sections catering to the various aspects of the car were chalked out thoughtfully. Loads of technical information was up for grabs. It was like the syllabus of an entire semester crammed in one revision class. And I was trying to keep up. Well, almost! Because food and wine flowed freely at the cocktail party that ensued thereafter, I tried my hand at karaoke. Attempting to rap ICE ICE BABY along with the coach Cyrus Sahukar, I’d say we were not too bad. As we put faces to names and ticked off the attributes of the online personas we knew, the evening breezed through as Goan evenings are famed to. Friendships were forged, gifts were exchanged and memories were made. Before we knew it, dawn was merely 5 hours away and we had a test drive ahead of us. T’was time for my beauty sleep.


Morning came and the hustle bustle was evident as cars were lined up for the teams to take them. As the last car to be flagged off, our team had a huge task. We had to complete challenges and keep time on unknown roads. We might as well have asked for a million dollars! Well, with the mandatory gaadiwali selfie we were on our way.


And from here is where the power of the human mind takes over. Remember that revision class that we had the previous evening? Yes, suddenly the brain was picking out elements from the presentation and it was like being in a 4D movie. You had to be in ‘ze caar’ to know what I mean. And even as we made our drive, at times stopping to take silly pics and at other times trying to figure out the network, we simply enjoyed the drive.

And so here are 10 reasons why ZICA is the #Fantastico that’s #MadeOfGreat

All this totally from a domestic goddess’s point of view and not in any particular order. If you are one of those OCD kinds, retreat….NOW! The rest continue.

  1. Sunburst Orange is here, people!

I mean who would not want to drive something that looks so delish? Besides, everyone vouches for including fruit in your diet. Well, with this one I’ve got that checked off my list. The colour scores, and how. And, yes, there are other colours on the menu but this one gets my vote. Gorgeous don’t you think?


  1. Match my style.

ZICA’s interiors are a cut above the rest. Yes, the craftsmanship is evident, the feel is upmarket but what really got my attention was that even though the look is fresh and snazzy the functionality has not been compromised on. So, it looks bold, feels expressive and promises to make heads turn just like me.


  1. Stay cool, dude.

So, if sunburst orange is on the outside, why must ‘oh-my-god-done-to-death-beige’ be on the inside? ZICA top end variant offers customisable air vents with the body colour. Moreover the AC has been designed to have an even flow across the car. So, stay cool, literally.

  1. Everyone is a DJ

You know how everyone became a photographer with the advent of phone cameras? Yes, that. Now with the Connectnext Infotainment system by HARMAN, everyone in the car can join the party via Bluetooth, USB and Aux-in connectivity. So, if Pammy Aunty has played ‘Blue Eyes Hypnotize….’ to carpe the diem out of you, line up PitBull (Ya, he is everywhere) via the Jukebox App and get the party started with the 8 speaker system.


  1. Space Jam, not.

With two cats, one daughter and one husband we are quite a large family. Between the pet carriers, the icebox and the teen paraphernalia, I am pretty much left with no room to call my own. So, with 22 utility spaces and a boot space that can comfortably carry two bodies as you can see (240 litres of versatile space if you must put a number), the ZICA is purely a favourite in that sector.


  1. Park like a boss!

You know those multiple videos on how women can’t park a car if their life depended on it…..well, they are going to die a natural death because ZICA’s rear parking sensors and vivid display are making this a piece of cake. So, women are reclaiming the ‘parking swag’. BTW most accidents involve men…………….just saying!


  1. Mum’s the word.

You know that voice in your head when you do something wrong, or are about to. No, not your conscience silly. That’s your Mom’s GPS tracking your moves. Well, the Turn by Turn Navi App with the ZICA seems to be inspired by her. She just won’t let you take a wrong turn. She knows everything even before you have seen it and will surface just when you least expect her to. Told you, Mum’s the word.

  1. Multi Drive mode

With the Acche din that resurface now and then with every petrol/diesel hike, ZICA’s City and Eco mode are just what the gods of traffic fear. And as a domestic goddess, otherwise known as the humdrum ‘ghar ki lakshmi’, who haggles for every strand of coriander with the vegetable vendor, this is manna from heaven. Go ZICA!


  1. Messi…..Messi…………….MESSI

Ok, so this should have topped the list, but then you save the best for the last, no? (Ok, second last. Don’t crib!) If his Namaste India is not going to make you go Awwwwwwwwwwww….I don’t know what will. And if you don’t know Messi, well, there is nothing more I wish to say to you. Just check the pic below for further details. (And now you also know why 10 reasons, eh?)



  1. The Little things

This has got nothing to do with the car but with the ethos of the company that brings it to us. While in Goa, we were well taken care off. It was just like spending time with extended family and friends. TEAM ZICA made sure everything was in sync and everyone was in a comfort zone. Tata Motors ensured every woman gets home safe by booking them a cab from the airport on our onward journey. They didn’t have to, but they did. When someone takes care of the little things, big things just happen.

And that is when a brand is #MadeOfGreat

And for some reason I am thinking of getting my license renewed in 2016. #Fantastico no?

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