Indimeets are always fun. So, when the one with Berger Express was announced, I knew I had to go. Plus, it was about my favourite to-do activity. I am what they call a serial painter. All those who know me, also know of my annual home makeover activity. Yes, every year-end I employ the services of an army of painters with their paraphernalia to get my home done. Willingly. And that to just as we set into Christmas mode. As excited as I am for the brand new look, it takes all the effort to ensure that the painting is done in time and just the way I want it. And let me tell you, after years of practice, I still have to literally push the workmen out of my house screaming ‘Ab Bus Karo’. And then there is a touch up here, a wet patch there which drives me up the wall, but I can do nothing about it since the festive season is at its peak. In short, my agony has become a ritual for want of a better solution. And incidentally, Berger Express was actually claiming to offer one. So, this one I had to see. Thus, Taj Vivanta, Cuffe Parade on Saturday 11th February was a date.

Berger Express Painting

Ever heard of Berger Express Painting?

So, once we settled after our pleasantries and a sumptuous lunch, Anoop led the icebreakers. Now that we had worked out the extra gajar ka halwa that we had swiped off our plates, it was time to unveil what was Berger Express actually. Mr Chandranath Banerjee, Category Head- Express Painting took us through an informal presentation about the history of Berger Paints. How two and a half centuries ago, a young chemist by the name of Lewis Berger started manufacturing ‘Prussian blue’ in Europe, the colour of most military uniforms of that time. Over the years, their quest for innovation and consumer focus remained constant. In fact, a lesser known fact about Berger Paints is that they were the pioneers of designer walls in India and of the COLOUR BANK tinting system which allowed the consumer to select from a range of over 5000 shades. Express Painting is another feather in their hat that offers a faster, better and cleaner solution to your painting woes. Right from sanding your walls, to applying putty, primer and paint, the entire process is 40% faster and cost-effective, too. The personnel employed are verified professionals via the Berger Loyalty Programme. One look at their TVC and I realised this all too familiar situation could now be a thing of the past with Berger Express Painting and its remarkable range of no-mess painting tools.

Playing around with Berger Express

Armed with all that info, we were then divided into teams and asked to sand a block of wood. Next, we were to paint a picture with the colours available. We chose to go with the Spirit of Mumbai. And if I tell you it was the highlight of the day, I won’t be lying at all. Ideas were being exchanged as freely as colours, selfies were being taken as a time-lapse video was being made. All in all, we were having a ball thanks to Berger Express. It was a delight to see ideas shape into something concrete on the canvas. It gave us an insight as to how much the guys at Berger must be enjoying creating unique masterpieces in every home they visit. Honestly, I can’t wait for them to visit mine. And this time, I guess I won’t have to say, Ab Bus Karo!

A huge shout out to Team IndiBlogger and Team Berger for the pics and the above video. And a big hug to the best team ever! You guys made it all so worth it. Especially our lone ranger who had to bear with all the estrogen in this frame 😛 #Team SHADE YANTRA Rocks~ 😀


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