So begins another day

With a list of things I must do,
Chop, cook, sew and clean,
Multitasking the privilege of a few

My territory remains unchallenged,
For I am the queen of my castle.
Never miss a spot, always on time,
Even though the city life is a wrestle.

My neighbor came a knocking.
‘Twas early one day morn.
Barely stretched or sipped my tea,
I could hardly stifle a yawn.

Her daughter had run away she said,
She’d left a note by the door.
Between sobs of anger and betrayal,
She knew not where to go.

Now I like the home clean by 9.00,
So figured I had some time.
But if she continued to wail like she did,
I swear I’d have to draw the line.

Being the next door neighbor,
An occasional cup of sugar it was.
A discreet nod, a pleasant hello,
Then back within our four walls.

At last she was on her way,
Convinced the police would help.
I was only too glad to see her go,
I’d wasted enough time I felt.

Well as I cooked lunch, I wished,
My neighbor had made a mental note.
Of how to raise a responsible child,
With ethics rather than just dote.

How could she have not known?
How could she have missed the signs?
If she’d been more watchful,
She’d have caught on the first time.

Just then a piece of familiar writing,
Happened to catch the corner of my eye.
I read and re read for my dear Lord!
That girl had run away with my boy….



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