An ode to the original composition that gets me misty eyed every time I hear it……hats off Prasoon Joshi!



Look at these tiny little dewdrops wrapped in leaves and dropped from the heavens
Yawning a stretch, turning aside, delicate pearls that glisten with joy
Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par…


They touch like warm winter sunrays come to change all with a hue of gold
Chase away the blues and the greys with tiny little hands that clasp your world
Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par…
Just like eyes beckon to a deep slumber, sleep that yearns for sweet dreams

Dreams where you glimpse an angel’s face beam….
Just like a spurt of a thousand colours, that’s how butterflies fill a garden in full bloom
This is a bond so strong yet unknown to whom
They are the waves of hope, the shores of faith, streaming brooks of happiness
Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par…


Look they have stemmed from the night glowing like a tiny flickering flame

The sweet scent of my land that sweeps my soul, my identity, my name
Just like glass shapes a bangle, happy smiles that make shiny faces
The melodious sound of a flute from a faraway place
Little gushes of the gentle wind with bells that breathe life
A melody that strings harmony rife
Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par…


Just as the busy by lanes light up a neighbourhood

Just as the buds will blossom in their own time
A fist that holds the sands of time like a generation blessed by the bygone days
Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par…


Some stories spun like grandparents’ tales feel like the splash of warm water

Sometimes they are never ending innocent questions and incessant chatter
Like a giggle breaks the sound of silence or a smile enlivens a lip forlorn
These are beacons of light that shine if you have a good fortune

Just like the moon shimmers on the lake waters
Just like knowing you have a hand to hold in a crowd
Just like a river that takes its course no matter what
Just like a short nap or a gentle pat
Just like a tune that lingers on
Just as the rains shower their drops…….


Kho Na Jaaye Ye………………




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