As much as I tried, I could not get this song by Tears for Fears out of my head while writing this post. And so I thought I share it with you. And then again what if we really could rule the world? What would be the list of Do’s and Don’ts you’d have. This is not the first time I’ve thought about ruling the universe. I always thought I’d do a swell job. So here are my fun facts in no particular order completely at the top of my head. 

1. All global political leaders would be subjected to Big Brother/Big Boss’ house for an entire financial year.

2. Bike licenses would be given to men over 60 only. No families allowed as pillion riders.

3. It will be mandatory for men to indulge in foreplay before and in mushy conversations after sex. They are not allowed to forget any anniversaries and special dates.

4. Terrorism will be a heavily taxed profession. Anyone who wants to take up arms…..will have to give a leg to get them. 

5. SAHM’s will form a cabinet that will decide what is the flavour of the season both in baby food and ramp walking!

6. There will be no long Visa formalities for any country. In fact no visas at all. Any one should be able to live wherever they want but within the parameters of peace and fellowship.

7. All acts of vandalism will be dealt with thus. They will be sent on the borders to protect the country. If they can pelt stones, they can manage the bombs too……….I guess. And the army men who toil day and night will get to come to the comfort of a home they give up for us. 

8. Television will be banned. Weekends now to be spent outdoors doing fun activities with family and friends. 

9. Families must eat at least one meal together. 

10. Mostly everyone will ensure they spend 1 hour daily in silence. It is not only important to ask the questions, it is equally important to hear the answers in silence. 

And now that I have written nonsensical pointers let me try and salvage my reputation with the finale. What I really wish I could do if I did rule the world is heal and bless it. I wish that instead of whining, we could bless. Instead of anger, we could bless. Instead of revenge we could bless. Instead of animosity we could bless. If we could just find that in our heart to ‘Let go and Let GOD’, we will never be ruled…….by anyone.

I leave you with one of my all time favourite songs by Laura Story……and hope that it heals you the way it did me. We don’t want a leader, we want a vision. We don’t want the world…..we want world peace. And it is really simple………..when I know it begins with me taking the first step towards change. 

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt was  “What if you ruled the world? hosted by Jo



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