I have always been a dog person. I had no intentions of ever keeping a cat. Not because I worry that they turn into witches at midnight or are the bearer of bad news. I just was all for sloppy kisses from a doggie rather than the indifference from a petite feline. However, last year around this time, Tinkle unexpectedly happened to us. And since then I am a happy cat convert.

Tinkle is really a dog in many ways. She hates fish but loves chicken and turkey. Will lick you happily and try to stand on her hind legs. She loves Bournvita straight from the princess’ cup no less. She can have an intelligent conversation and will purr in response depending on the questions. She adores company and loves to play hide and seek. In short, she is the queen of our castle and we her humble subjects.

Black cats on the other hand remind me of miniature panthers for some reason. I think they look kinda James Bond ……suave and sexy. Have I ever been wary of them crossing my path? Nah! I am not superstitious about cats at all. Tinkle crosses my path day in and out… sometimes I step on her tail, at other times she manages to trip me over. So far no bones broken. 

What I am superstitious about however is seeing two ravens together. One for sorrow, two for joy they say…………..hence if I spot one, I quickly look for the other. This is something my mom put me on to as a kid. It has stayed on as a habit now. More often than not, they have been an indication of things to come. So that’s the only bit I follow diligently. Cats crossing my path, mewing to indicate bad luck or living 9 lives are all tales I happily ignore. 

Am I superstitious over all? Not really. Lucky? Maybe……..Touchwood!

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt was  “How do you feel about cats, black cats, and superstitions? hosted by Kelly



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