‘Happy is the one who can sleep on any pillow’, that’s what my dad would always say. I believed so all my life and thus imbibed this wondrous quality. So, while my mom and sister would toss and turn on vacations for lack of ‘their own pillow’, dad and me would be selling horses.  So much so that I think we had millions tucked away in an imaginary ranch somewhere.  

Dad never failed to mention that peaceful sleep is the true reward for a day well spent. At the end of every day when my bed welcomed me with open arms, I’d cross over to la la land almost immediately. You could burn the house down and I’d be dead to the world. My world was perfect and insomnia was really just another word in the dictionary.

Then one bright sunny morning, I realized I had more of myself to give to the world. I promptly registered as a blogger. Lo and behold, a whole new world began playing as the background score. I was intrigued by the number of people who wrote and then further fascinated by the number of people who wrote well. I knew this was where I wanted to be, but wasn’t sure if others thought so too. I wrote my first post, apprehensively, under an alias. My logic being, if unnoticed, I’d pack my bags and return to where I’d come from. That night I slept uneasy. 

The warm welcome the next morning was like a breath of fresh air. I felt I belonged. I unleashed my keyboard on unsuspecting victims. And since then I’ve never looked back. This is my 51st post. Over these few months I’ve learnt a trick or two. I know stats matter but you are not supposed to say it aloud. You post links readily but rarely ever read. You lavish praise on someone while trying to decipher what the hell was he saying exactly. You learn new words everyday coz the ones you know are so passé. Blogging is all about passion, perseverance and patience. It is also about intelligence, information and insomnia. Yup, that word finally made it out of the dictionary and into my life.

My nights are now spent wondering how my expressions will be received when the world awakes. I sometimes get up in the middle of the night because I fear I messed the punctuation do’s and don’ts. My grammar teacher has not aged all this while, when she visits me in my worst nightmares. Yes she gets me tense, pun intended.  I used to never sleep with my phone in the same room. Now, I feel myself logging in at 3 am to check if I have any new comments on an erstwhile post. Someone from Pusztaszemes, Somogy visited my blog and I cried tears of joy. He could be a spammer, who cares, he visited my blog!  

Yes, I am BlogwatiG and I’m a Blogoholic. My life now revolves around blogger notifications 24 x 7, thus leaving my imaginary ranch devoid of any horses. What do I do to overcome this strange illness? Why write another post silly! Hell, I am even in an  event that requires me to write 27 days of October currently. Yeah I know, Sleeping beauty was apparently a myth too……….

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt was  Over the years, I have gone through periods of insomnia, but I know that one person’s reason for a sleepless night can be wildly different from the next person’s. So when was the last time you couldn’t sleep? What was the reason for not sleeping? What did you do to overcome it? I hope you all have fun with this one and don’t lose any sleep over it!”hosted by Susan



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