Last month, when I completed a year of blogging, I hosted my first guest post. Since then, the 20th of every month is a slot now reserved for Come on Over. A section where you will meet bloggers I love, admire and have come to call as friends. Today it is Janaki Nagaraj who drops in. She simply fills in her thoughts at Memoirs of a Homemaker and trust me you ought to read them. An absolutely fabulous person, I call her Balika Vadhu for reasons best know to a few. Today, she talks about marking your territory and its glories. Go on and make her day!


“It is an honor to be gracing the blog of Blogwati G, who in a very limited span of time has carved a niche for herself in the blogoshpere. I am a bit jittery because, it is not possible to match her wit and wisdom…I am not even trying. Personally, she is more than a dear friend to me. Don’t get ideas now…..”
                                                            ~ Janaki

Yes, we all have our nooks and corners that are sacred….

 I have a cat at home. A male. But, everyday his mom pays us a visit. And, when she is there, she marks her territory.

Millions of years into evolution, aren’t we still the same? Territorial. Another million years, we will still be the same. With territory come the possessiveness and a sense of ownership. That explains the war.
If you are still wondering what I am talking about, have a look at a Mother-in-law. She is a Lioness fiercely protecting her cubs and her pride. A perfectly capable homemaker till then, she suddenly feels threatened of her throne. It is she who insists that it is time for her tribe to expand and it is she who feels that no girl is good enough for her son! There isn’t a schemer like a disgruntled MIL. It takes years to just peacefully co-exist, leave alone the acceptance.
This reminds me of a formidable ‘kitty’ group in our society. It is easier to infiltrate the Defense System of our country, but not this group. If anyone is included to this group, it is by invitation only…the standard met by few. Forget elite club memberships, this is where most women want to be.
We all enjoy our personal space. Don’t we? And we all are proud of our families, our home, and our domain. But, it just doesn’t end there. We have our favorite chair, our side of the couch, a place at the dinning table and our bedroom. Oh! Let’s not forget the bathroom. Even if everyone uses the same bathroom, we leave our signature…a mark like that of Zorro…a particular order in which the shampoo bottles are kept or the soap boxes for that matter. Do we let anyone sleep on our side of the bed?
That brings me to the kitchen, a place holier than holies. It is a woman’s domain. Period. Even if you have domestic help at your beck and call, the kitchen has to be the way a woman wants it. If the turmeric container has to be next to the salt, there is no way anyone could argue about changing the positions. It is sacrilege to mix up pots and pans!! Logic? ‘Doondte reh jaoge!’
So, it brings us to the million dollar question. Aren’t men territorial? Of course they are ‘coz anything female is apparently their territory!




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