Today, I start the A-Z Challenge – April 2013. One 30-day month, minus Sundays. 26 Alphabets. A word for each, your way. Talk about anything or leave it to the imagination. April 2013 is set to go back to the basics. Also, a special thank you to  Arlee Bird for bringing this to us. I’m so looking forward to this month of April.


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“A says Aa, Aa for Apple”. All of us have pretty much been there. Most of us would also have heard of the ‘three apples’ that impacted history as repeated social media forwards. The three men in question, Adam, Newton and Steve Jobs. The third kind, I don’t own, yet. The second gentleman is responsible for everything that is going down south, a battle I will fight him later. That brings us to the first man, literally.
So, God created the garden of Eden and he put Adam there in his happy place. God was smart. Apparently, Adam was not. Having surveyed the area, soon he was lonely and pouting like a brat. Now, here’s the thing. He could have asked for anything and he would have been granted that. It was God, remember? A golf buddy, a chilled beer, the TV remote, any of these darn things, day in and day out. But no sire! Adam asks for a woman! God being a softie, granted him what he wanted. He knew it was bad for him, still. Parents are like that. They give their kids gadgets and then grumble about the ill effects of technology that eat into family time.  
Anyway, coming back to the story. Eve came along and all was great. It was just the beginning. But now that Adam had her, he began ignoring her. The thrill for him was in the kill. Once you have the trophy on the mantelpiece, why bother? I mean, if he didn’t really want to have a conversation, why ask for a woman? And seriously, what were the recreational options? Let me remind you, there were no malls, no phones and no other women either. All poor Eve wanted to do was gossip. So, Eve found solace in the company of the serpent. That’s when Adam got jealous. He did not like the shift in the spotlight. He said, ‘what she can do, I can do better’. And all hell broke loose, again, literally! Every decision that Adam could not make was blamed on poor Eve. And so it has been since generations. Yeah right, we really wanted those labour pains Mister!
Why do men fail to see that it was indeed Adam who ruined it for them? If he hadn’t asked for EVE, women would never have been a part of the plan. All of you could have gone fishing 365 days in a year. No putting down the toilet seat and no laundry instructions……..

Well, c’est la vie. But now that I’ve set the record straight, make note and remember.
If you have a problem with your madam, blame it on ADAM.
Because he ate the apple, you walked a woman to the CHAPEL





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