I once knew someone who took ‘being a miser’ to a new level. He’d flatten a shaving cream tube to such an extent that you could pass it off for a silver sheet. All through my childhood, I remember him using the same night suit on every visit. Back then, I thought, he wasn’t that well to do. Now that I know better, I am amused at how stingy he was. 

Then there was this other lady who was related to every important person listed in the tabloids. He was either a cousin, or a far off uncle, an in-law or a dear friend. Her name dropping was known far and wide. Brushed off as a wannabe, she was never invited for parties. No prizes for guessing why.

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We all have strange fascinations or habits. It makes us queer, not in the liberated sense, but yes, you know what I mean. I too have a thriving quirky side. And I’m just about to list them for you, in a random order, just in case you happen to meet me in your lifetime. They might not make sense and hence they are MY idiosyncrasies. Grin and bear!

1. I quit a convo when I realize there are imbeciles at the other end. I’m allergic to fools.
2. I love humour quotes. I save them for a rainy day when I need a bit of sunshine.  
3. I feel queasy if a man don’t match his shoes and belt. We can never be friends.
4. Contrary to my talkative nature I prefer peace and quiet. I love my own company. 
5. I can’t share my side of the bed and quilt with anybody. No, not Mel Gibson either.
6. I hate people who break queues. I have told random strangers to get back in line.
7. I have a quaint collection of greeting cards since I was 10. I love handwritten notes.
8. The quest for an apt blog title is my priority. People walk in if the invite is worth it.
9. I work at the Eleventh hour. Somehow my thoughts & productivity pace quickens then. 
10. A quip is the easiest way to befriend me. I have no qualms in sharing the stage. 

Quite Quintessential, no? 

Do you have a quirky side too?



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