My Wandering Wednesday Series are dedicated to the flight of my imagination now and then, captured by my camera lens or nestled in my album. And then, songs and movies simply fill in the gaps for the right captions! I try to give you the back story of the picture too. Perhaps you may see a tale hidden there. Check the previous posts here.

We lived in the same building. I must have been around 1 – 2 years of age. The three of them were older to me. Two boys and a girl. Before we knew it, we were living in each other’s houses. Aunty would make it a point to feed me before she left for work. Mom took care of the kids while she was away. Life was good, love was abundant.

Once I fell real sick. The doctor advised my mom to give me Parle-G dipped in milk, as that was all I could swallow. The onus of feeding me was on the boys, as I was a real fussy kid. They would wait for me to not finish so that they could have the milk and biscuits.

Another time, I was going through a rough patch in school with regards to Maths. The younger of the two was right by my side to help me through. He was the one who taught me how to use a dictionary. He also was the one who accidentally introduced me to the cutest boy in college, when he came to meet me. He even went on to work for the brand Parle-G later on in life.

The older of the two was more adventurous. No one could sleep as sound as him. The cymbals could ring and he would not turn a side. He also was the resident banana eating champion. He once introduced me as ‘his girlfriend’ to his best buddy who kept harassing him to get a girl. All was good till I opened my mouth to say, “Bhaiya, let’s go home.”

Time flew and they moved base. I found two more sisters and a brother. Rakhi was always meant for all three of them. The eldest of them was calm, composed and very patient. All of them took to us as their own. Over the years they relocated to US and Canada respectively. But even today, they are just a heartbeat away. And BTW, the youngest one’s daughter digs Parle G just the way I like it!

And as the world celebrates bonds between siblings, I want to tell you all, nothing and no one can ever mean to me/us as much as you guys do. True, families can’t be chosen. Sometimes, if you are real lucky, they come gift-wrapped, next door.



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