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11th September. It seems to be the day that turns the world around. 2001 saw four co-ordinated terrorist attacks on the WTC- USA. 2013, India, the world awaits the sentence for the four accused in the Nirbhaya Rape Case. There is anger, frustration, despair and hopelessness looming large. Not because ‘justice’ has not yet been served, but because she was NOT the only woman to suffer this horrendous fate. Since then, the newspapers have been filled with crimes against women, only on a rise. As I write this, some hundreds of women must be facing their demons right now. It gives me the shudders, why anyone should be more privileged than the other? We all belong to the same social fabric.

A photojournalist in Mumbai, a maid’s 9 year old daughter in Gurgaon, a college going girl in Guwahati…………when will this stop? When will the law be equal for all? When will the archaic system realize, amendments are needed as of last generation? If he can rape at 17, charge him for his deed, not for what his identity card certifies him to be – a juvenile! If the deterrents are effective at the grassroots  level, we won’t be waiting for a singular judgement to be the catharsis. It is not about being proved guilty, it is about educating a nation where men think they can get away with anything against a woman! It is not about the religious background or the political backing or the media hounding for a case in point. It is about having the right to live freely in a country that I am born in and belong to.

Let this be the beginning of a lesson to all men. Women are not real estate that can be grabbed, trespassed, sold or devalued. If we, truly, are a nation of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, then let truth prevail, today, henceforth. Speak now or forever hold your SILENCE.


  The Sounds of Silence, An Inconvenient Truth



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