This post has been brewing for some time. I had so many things to say, and a zillion other things to be grateful for. Thoughts, particularly mine, are known to wander and jump topics. Being still is not exactly an accomplishment I can boast of. Yet, today, I needed to spell a few things. And that’s exactly what I am going to do. Check the offshoots of the mighty oak to be.


I am blessed! No, this is not one of those ‘be positive’ affirmations. It is a fact. And hence, no matter which direction I head in, I manage to cut my own path. Blogging was, also, just another one of those impulsive ventures. I simply took the plunge without a clue, believe me. That I was destined to meet an angel, I knew not. And since then, I have made my own little virtual world. Over a period of time, the virtual has become real, and meaningful. It is now a place where I have friends and fiends, both. Today, I complete two years in the journey of my thoughts and words. It feels wonderful. And I want to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’, to each one of you.

What I also want to do is map my journey. Know where all I have been through your eyes. I want to savour that ‘first time’ via your words. So, leave me a line, in the comments, as to how did you chance upon BlogwatiG…..and watch this ‘blogger-reader interactive post’ take shape.

Did I mention that my most fav comment might just get a ‘something special’? Ah, I did know I was missing something. Go on now, tell me how we met. Let me know what you thought. Help me discover myself, along with you. And, perhaps, we might have a story that could sell. You don’t have to be nice. Naughty works as well. Nasty is good too, even if it requires me to hunt you down and gut you like a fish. I believe in World Peace. I truly do.

So, who goes first?



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