So now that the ‘New Year’ has settled to being ‘not so new’, and I’ve nursed my darn hangover, I decided it’s time. Time for a generous recap of The Big Year that 2014 has been. Well, every year adds to the memories in more ways than one. You always have some trophies to show off, and some bruises as a result of the hard work (or heartbreak). Every year is a milestone as it comes and goes, nonchalantly. We seem to make a bigger deal of it than the mundane tide that turns the calendar. Maybe, in a way, the affirmation is an acknowledged closure, and a cheerful farewell put together. Well, whatever it is…………….. I am joining the bandwagon. So, you better read!

2014 started on an expansive note.

Our family of four became that of five as we welcomed our second (hopefully, last) kitty. Now she has us wrapped around her paws. She is the snuggliest cat you will ever meet. She stands guard at the bathroom door when you shower, will demand your undivided attention, mew in response to a question, pick a comfy spot on your bed with you, and hibernate till the next meal. But she is such an enthu Cutlet, you can’t help yourself. I dare you.

Enthu Cutlet the Cat

Enthu Cutlet the Cat

A random status message on Facebook helped me raise funds for Milaap’s solar project. Friends and acquaintances chipped in with their contributions. They all have my gratitude and respect. A single day saw Rs 25000/- come in via Social Media Networking. The figure rose to 60k plus over a time period. My mantra could pretty much be – My name is BlogwatiG and I am not an arm-chair activist. Happy Days indeed.

I went on air.

No, I did not jump off a plane, though I know quite a few of you would willingly push me off one. Well, I was in the studio of 94.3 Radio One for their anniversary celebrations. Hrishikay was a delight. I was a bunch of nerves and barely made it by the skin of my teeth, thanks to the infamous Mumbai traffic. None the less, when you have a face for radio, who can stand in your way? We were transmitting, and that too LIVE in 3, 2, and…………… 1.

94.3 Radio One Hrishikay

Two years of being a blogger and 8 of being copywriter, I finally got a logo and a tagline! And the best part, I designed it myself. I wanted something sassy to set the tone of my blog. No pretensions about being holier than thou, god knows I love my 500 shades of grey. Also, my dad always told me, if you intend throwing a shoe, make sure it is gift wrapped. So, all these ideas fell in place in a singular Eureka moment. Thank you MJ (May his ‘sole’ rest in peace). Yes, BlogwatiG was all set to heel the world, and make it a better place, in her sexy stilettos.

Logo Heel the World

They say you never forget your first love, and I can tell you that’s true. This year I went back to my first love – stage dance performances. Twice in a row, to a thundering applause and a ‘once more’ rant, it was yesterday once more. And now that I am here, I plan to stay in familiar territory.

This past big year I also travelled the most.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bali, Delhi, Agra and Gurgaon. Of course, all places had their own charm and if I am not as lazy as I have been, I might even blog about them, eventually. But the one I was happy to check off my list was Agra for the Taj Mahal. It was an unintentional trip but I am happy I made it. The visit and the crazy antics I pulled off with my bestie Ruchira Shukla (who incidentally celebrates her birthday today….yay) deserves a pictorial post of its own. But yes, the travel gods have been real kind to me in the year that went by. I hope they are benevolent in 2015, too.

Taj Mahal Agra

The big year end saw the annual ‘Tree of Life’ makeover. I went all out as I opted for neutral tones on the walls. My bravest attempt, yet, with four kids in the family. Somehow, it worked. Everyone who has seen it says it is my best till date. And I think I agree. Don’t you?

Tree of Life Wall Mural

2014 was also sprinkled with gifts.

Friends, benefactors and brands, so many chose to make me feel special. Right from books to coffee mugs, coasters to trinkets, smart phones to tablets, camera to lens, all packages delivered to my doorstep. Every time my daughter spotted a courier guy with a big parcel, she was convinced it was our home he was visiting. She’d rub her hands in glee wondering what next she could make away with. To all of them, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can we have an encore in 2015? 😀

Gifts 2014

Last but not the least, the virtual world became more real, this year past. I met the maximum number of blogger friends and the influx continued the year through. And to end the year with a bang, I visited the better half of my ‘green dots’ as I call them. And if anyone ever says virtual relationships are not for real, all I can say is you’ve not willed it enough to be so. Take a chance and you may surprise yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Was it all peaches and cream in 2014? Of course not! This was a bad year as far as foot injuries were concerned. Right from painful calluses to rainwater fungal infection, banging the toes and scraping the knee, I did it all. The allergies were at an all-time high, too. But then again, I like to look at the brighter side, so I am gonna quit complaining.

Would I want to do more? Of course.

Could I have done more? Definitely.

Would I change anything? Nope. I don’t have that superpower……yet. That’s why.

Having said that, I am glad 2014 happened. It definitely was my Big Year.

I am hoping 2015 will be bigger.

And on that note, have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious one, will ya?



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