My most favourite activity of all times is redecorating the house. I simply love makeovers that transform the home into a new look and feel. And modest middle class homes in Mumbai, believe me, need that sprucing every now and then. Be it the colour on the walls, or a new piece of furniture. Perhaps, revamped drapes or a bunch of throw cushions that add a burst of colour, anything goes. Change also means accommodating varying family dynamics in budgeted 1 and 2 BHK homes, which is not easy. That is when small space living ideas that create more space comes in handy. Today, I am sharing 5 ideas that I have incorporated in my own home to maximize space utilization.

Living Room

1. Sofa Cum Bed

Whoever invented the sofa cum bed must have had loads of visitors in a small home, for sure! Truly, the SCB is the most convenient option for small spaces. A sofa during the day and a bed at night. What’s more, it comes with storage that is handy to store additional linen and its likes. A definite must buy.

2. Wall Space

Walls are the most unused aspect of most homes. Why use floor space when you can hang it up? I’ve got showcases to book cases, cabinets to study table, all pinned on the wall. Not only are they easy to access, but also I have a clear view of when I am hoarding stuff. At other times, they are simply adorning the walls. Helps me be a tad bit organized.

3. Pillars in unlikely areas.

When we got our home, it had a pillar right at the entrance of the living room that kind of cut a part of the room. It was funny, and I really cursed the architect. However, since that was not getting me anywhere, I began to think ‘transformation’.  I used the area to make built-in drawers for our CD collection and glass shelves fixed above that worked as a display for books. The top of the drawer was used as a table for family pictures. Just like that, the pillar that was jutting out of symmetry became a cozy nook for us.

 4. Foldable furniture

We wanted a dining table. However, for the three of us, it was just a space occupying furniture, and yet when we had guests over, it was a necessity. So we did the next best thing. We picked a foldable dining table, one that even had space for the chairs to be tucked in. And just like that, stackable stools, foldable chairs and their like became a part of our room decor. We pulled them out as and when we needed them. Genius, no?

5. Imagination

Always stock up on this! I can’t stress how far you can go when you mix your ideas and match them with your talent. Know what works for you. It is your home after all, and hence must reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Know the limitations of colour, form and aesthetics – if it hurts your aesthetic sensibilities, it is not going to work. However, if you think you are not cut out for this world where fabric must conform to shape of furniture, and furniture can be ergonomic or otherwise, there is hope for you, yet.

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So, when are you revamping your nest?





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