This poem was given as a framed giveaway for dad’s 75th birthday…..I think it says it all! A special thanks to Nivs Khemka Photography that covered the event. 

The tree symbolized the family roots. The birds, the children who leave home but do return to the nest. The flowers in bloom, friends, family and joyous moments and milestones. The fallen flowers are memories that resonate in the twilight years. 

Paper bag purchased and sponge painted in the theme colours, tied along with satin bows for added effect. Blue flower, photographer’s own.

Precious moments gather in a heap,
Beneath the bountiful tree of life

Of fallen petals, of withered leaves,

Strewn around by the season’s knife

Spring beckons to the autumn hues,

Just as to winter the bright summer calls

This essence of nature, an immodest clue,

To love, hope and faith, the living waterfalls

Set the heart free to soar to great heights,

Open the mind to delve the great depths

Live every instant like a bright starry night,

Don’t keep room for any remorse or regret

Tell all your loved ones that you care,

Leave behind a legacy that will count

In deeds and dealings, be just and fair,

Keep the Lord always paramount

Only then will the twilight years be a second lifetime,

Epitomized in rustic memories, as they gently chime…



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