Yes, yes, we are still talking about the 13th birthday party that was epic! Read Part I and Part II, lest you feel a tad bit lost in this post. So, the last post covered one part of the photo backdrops, while the post prior talked about the invite and the cake. This one is going to take you through the rest of the party, finally.

Those of you who are regulars on my social network would know about the Tree of Life that I have in my living room. Well, so obviously, it was a given that we’d work a backdrop around it. I kinda have a fascination for prayer flags, so I had square bits of various coloured paper hung on two strings with clips.  At the birthday party, each girl was given a sheet to pen a memory without taking any names. So, for example, if it included her, the princess and another girlfriend, she had to write it as ‘you, me and her went to watch a movie’. All the paper chits were hung on display. Finally, when we had a full house, I read each memory out loud and the princess had to guess who the author of that note was. It was fun with all the giggles and the glances being passed around, and the princess going down memory lane. Also, this way, I was privy to a few secrets, too. Yes, I am evil, I know 😛


The academic year 2014-2015 had been a game changer in many ways for these girls. Quite a few were changing schools, some moving towns and a few newbies had arrived too. So, a class of 2015 banner seemed ideal. I made that on glitter paper strung on a satin ribbon. The letters were printed at home and then cut out and pasted on to make the banner come alive. The sheer curtains accompanied by fairy lights gave the famed Bokeh look to the pictures clicked. Nice, eh? Yes, me thinks so, too!

The back of the door was decorated with pop up stickers for a Paris-London-New York look. With that the count of photo backdrops was a whopping 7. I also made a number 13 cutout of thermocal, decorated with punched out flowers and diamante. Picture frames cut out of Sunboard were the ideal add-on for the Instagram party. A handful of Teenager Posts were printed and laminated as additional props. And after toiling for a week or so, we were set to rock and roll.

Instagram Party

The 13th Birthday Party day arrived.

The girls walked in, looked around and needed no instructions. They aced the Instagram party to the maximum with a click here and a click there. I think the amount of selfies clicked that evening could have been a record in itself. They helped themselves to the food and drinks and simply had a rollicking time. Thank god, I did not invest in that game host. 😉 And remember the cake? Well, yes, the girls told me it was the best cake ever. And I totally agree. Thank you L’il White Oven, once again.
Selfie Cake

Oh yes, I forgot about the takeaways. Well, the girls have everything they need. So I thought why not give them a good piece of advice. That is how The Teen Survival Guide came about. 13 little things favoured by the princess with a tiny little note. The girls LOVED it and were very prompt in handing out gift number 13 to their mommies. (Pssst it was a painkiller for headaches…tee hee)

Teen Survival Kit

The princess said this was the best party ever. Her girlfriends didn’t leave till 11 pm coz they were having too much fun. We welcomed the teens in style and I was declared a rock star mom………yes, all was well with the universe. So, I am pretty much done with words in this post, ergo I am going to leave you with a few snapshots to seal the deal. Let me know what you thought about my event management skills.

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