Alright, so I knew I was special. Well, I have two reasons for you.  I was born on January 2nd, mind you, not the 1st. So my birthday was technically the first day of the sober year. That made me a Capricorn which FYI is the sun sign to be. Again, two reasons. Jesus was one too (IT don’t get bigger than that). Secondly, you have the tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of…….you guessed it…. Capricorn. Thus theology, history and geography reaffirmed that I was extraordinary.

I knew I was blessed with abundant talents and so walked the face of the earth with my nose held high. I could paint pretty pictures and sing wonderful songs. I danced like a dream and spoke to win competitions. I excelled in sports as much as I did in academics. Art and Craft were prized abilities as were Speech and Drama. The all round student in school, I had quite a few fans too. So can you believe my horror when I realized I wasn’t a Yanni in the making? Oh my dear Lord, how could the almighty have missed that?

On a serious note, playing the keyboard has really been on my wish list for ever. When I was little, I hardly saw one, let alone afford it. As I grew older, I always said, someday……somewhere. The ebony and ivory keys were reminiscent of a harmony I was dying to strum. I finished college and got to working. My musical pursuit was still a distant dream. The difference between what I could afford and what was on offer was always huge.  

Well I jumped jobs and landed myself an opportunity to work with the foremost jewellery exporters in the country.  My salary was a handsome 4 figures (yes it was huge back then).  My first paycheck was soon due when a colleague mentioned he had a spare CASIO keyboard to sell. By then my little sister was growing to be a fine young lady with an ear for music. I knew this was it. So I used my first paycheck in entirety to pick that KEYBOARD. Happiness I learnt, does have a musical note to it.

Soon she began learning to play and that made me very happy. But then she too fell in the rut of mundane things and that keyboard lay on top of the cupboard. 2 years down the line I married and had a baby. She grew up and was soon 8. My sister sent the keyboard over for her to learn. She thought it was apt that the daughter build on what we tried to. Well, kids you know how frivolous they can be. She played a couple of weeks and then lost interest. I did not push her.

That keyboard still lies on my cupboard and is gathering dust. When I read the prompt for today, I knew what I had to strike off my bucket list. Somewhere, I know I still want to give that one performance worthy of a standing ovation, even if it is in my backyard. Somewhere, I know that I want to glide gracefully across the notes and dish out a soulful melody. Somewhere, I know I’m still 10 and want to be able to play a musical instrument. Only now I know someday, somewhere is not an option. The here and now is all I have and all that matters. And so I promised myself I will at least give it a shot before the year end. 

Will I, won’t I? Will leave it for another blog post, shall we?

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt was  “I am asking you to MAKE A WISH.  What talent would you wish for?”hosted by Sylvie



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