I am a hands-on person. I love to do things my way. This skill was acquired from a modest upbringing. My parents believed in setting the right example. ‘Best out of Waste’ was a mantra we lived by. We were taught to adapt and apply. As a result of which, art and craft was something I took to naturally. Do it yourself remains my all time favourite hobby.  
A T-shirt bag made for a school donation drive
A Winning Trophy with a difference
 If it is an occasion to celebrate, I have to make a memory to cherish. Don’t ask me to cook! Over the years, I have dabbled in art, craft, cakes, chocolates, cards, poetry, frames, candles, backdrops, window displays, home décor, so on and so forth. The sheen of a finished  product made by you, is like no other. A little crumpled, a  little stained but with a lot of heart. A handmade gift comes with a secret tag that says, ‘Because you mean the world to me’. 
An anniversary bottle for a friend.                                              The Dora Wall Mural for my daughter

A hobby/ lifestyle/décor store is my all time fav place in the whole world. My husband has standing instructions, “when in doubt what to gift, buy me an art and craft book”. Believe it or not, he can trust me in a diamond store, but he holds my hand at IKEA. I just love that place! I seriously could live there. I can’t wait for them to start their chain of stores in India. Their accessories and DIY range of products are a steal. Easy to assemble, great to look at and value for money.

Tea Cup Candles made for my girls
Votives made for the Annual Mission Sunday Sale
I also feel homes reflect the people who live there. Hence they need to come together to make it. Did I mention that I am very house proud? Every inch of space ideated and executed under my watchful eye. Will save that for another post though. However, I will leave you with this lamp that I made under Rs 200/- ($4) that adorns my living room. Gorgeous, ain’t it?

An empty bird cage with fairy lights entwined in a plastic leaves garland…..Voila!

PS : Martha Stewart is my rock star. Someday, I hope to have the quintessential boutique that encourages DIY art and craft and houses quaint accessories from around the world.  




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