My Princess served me coffee last evening, just the way I like it, with a smiley face!
The Pursuit of Happyness is probably what drives us all. We want that ever elusive golden key to the treasures of the heart, mind and soul. We have both, short-term and long-term goals that seem to take us closer, inch by inch. Happiness is really not that unattainable. It lies in the little pleasures of life. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to get you your quota. Read in between the lines. You don’t want to overlook these pearls of wisdom in a hurry. 
1. Look in the mirror and smile. 
The face that stares at you may not be the best option, but it is what you are stuck with in this life. Unless you are dating a Plastic Surgeon. 
2. A good deed for a random stranger.
You might be taken for a stalker or a murderer. You could be chased, beaten or stoned. But hey, history is proof, if you ain’t persecuted, you ain’t doing it right. 
3. Invest in relationships.
You have but one life for appreciating the beauty that has been spread around you. Spread the love wherever you go. Just don’t leave behind any tell tale signs that could lead to the family court.
4. Be grateful.
Things could be worse. You could be the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world. If you really want to stretch it, you could be an aspiring author turned non-appreciated  blogger, writing within self imposed deadlines for some silly Blog Hop. Feeling better, eh?
5. Visit new destinations. 
You can’t stay in the same place and expect to peak, year after year. Embrace newer cultures and traditions. Take the risk of being misunderstood in different languages. No greater joy was ever known to mankind.
1. Expect to change your past.
Wait, that’s not even an option. Oh well, I need a to get this compilation going, I might as well.  First, for inspiration, “My heart will go on”. Now where did I keep that Tequila? 
2. Ignore your inner voice.
Victoria’s Secret is Swahili, not everyone follows it. There are times you need to be prudish. And then there are times when the Fruit of the Loom deserves the clean and fresh air. Be nice. Just do it.
3. Hold on to tangibles.
Remember all your assets eventually are going to do down a legacy or legal battle. Get rid of them lest they encourage wood borers. Besides, decluttering keeps the two legged rodents away.
4. Overburden your body. 
Not trying to touch upon weight issues here, but it would be nice to have an upper limit on the unwarranted grief you plan to hoard. She might look a size zero, but beware, the emotional trauma can scar for life. 
5. Be afraid to make mistakes.
We are human, not super human. Ah, well, they err too. Red underpants on the outside, really? But, yet, it don’t deter them from saving the world. Kryptonite may dampen the journey, but not everyone can get their hands on them. Wear that cape, proudly. 
Being happy is not a state of the art feeling. It is a conscious decision where you choose to react with sunshine to a cloudy day. It is the frame of mind where your life is picture perfect, now. Simply put, it is the toothless grin of the baby next door, because he knows he has the hottest nanny on the street. I rest my case. 



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