Lamhe, in Hindi, means moments. It also is the title of my most favourite movie ever. I must have watched it over 80 times, if not more. Directed by the Late Yash Chopra, it had Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in the lead roles. I think, this was one of the finest movies from the banner, Yashraj Films. In fact, I think it was the role of a lifetime enacted by Anil Kapoor. Restrained and not over the top, he was fabulous.

The story was way ahead of its times. Penned by Honey Irani, it spoke of unrequited love being bridged by the age gap. An 18 year old Viren (Anil Kapoor) falls in love with a much older Pallavi(Sridevi). She however gets married to Siddharth. They both die in an accident, but not before Pallavi gives birth to a baby girl. Pooja (Sridevi in a double role) now is Viren’s responsibility who he leaves in the care of his governess. Viren on the other hand relocates to London along with his best friend Prem. Pooja, back home, grows up waiting and wanting his attention.  Over the years, she falls in love with him. The age gap and her resemblance to her mother are huge deterrents. Through many ups and downs, eventually, love overcomes all.



The treatment of the film was not sappy. It was directed with flamboyance of the banner, yet laced with gentle humour and a very strong story line. Heart warming dialogues with  A+ music, and soulful lyrics constituted to make this a delightful watch. One of my favourite scenes is when Prem, played by Anupam Kher, tells Pooja, “If you realize you love someone, say it right then, don’t wait. He  might not reciprocate. But at least your heart would have the solace that you let him know”.  For the Hindi cinema audience, this was way too bold. Considering the trash dished out today, this was a masterpiece. I strongly feel, had the movie released in present times, it would have done stupendously well. Even though it did not do much for the Indian Box Office collections, it remains close to the heart of its filmmaker.

I have forgotten how many times I had danced to this ‘Morni’ song in school functions and competitions. It was only befitting that I pay an ode to the movie that made a poet out of me (and enhanced my fascination for the salt and pepper ‘Richard Gere’ look). Lamhe, let the moments of love begin…





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