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When the wondrous word bells chime
I s’pose you’ve composed a rhyme
But wait, hold on, do you mind?
Poetry you write, but what kind?
Is it a sonnet that works the lines?
Or a Haiku with seasonal signs?
Perhaps a limerick worth a laugh?
Or is it an insightful epitaph?
No, No, No, don’t hold your head
Cacophony could render you dead
The irony won’t go missing there
A couplet could’ve saved the day.
Allegory might’ve made twice the sense
I prefer a love ballad, in my defense
Enjabment straddles across the road
As your rhyme threatens to explode
Alphabets are not the only ABCs
Get the analogy, if you will, please
An ode could be a work of art
But a Senryu, not for the faint of heart
I could go on with this charade
But I hate to rain on your parade
To be a poet, many have tried
For better or for verse, you decide
PS: I am not a poet. 
I simply love to rhyme. 
It makes it so much easier 
Though not worth a dime



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