Shimmer she wore, a thousand stars

Eager to catch the spotlight, at once

The muse of a million hearts, she danced

Like there never was a tomorrow to come

He watched her from a distance

All the while wanting to be near

His gaze, daggers of icy stares

Only she could melt the heart’s fears

Across the woods, through the fields

A touch of peaches and cream

A longing so warm, so intense

The taste of honey, a floral dream

He wanted to wait no longer

She knew the time had come

Yes, the destinies had foretold

Two would have to become one

But would they leave behind

The only life they knew

To risk it for an arduous journey

And a destination, nameless, new?

And while speculation was rife

She took the courageous plunge

To meet his open arms, cold

But then she was the sun

And as they twirled in harmony

A liquid symphony in gold

Visions in cut glass magnified

That first sip, unforgettable and bold

Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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