Have you ever attended a wedding? Wait, let me rephrase that. Have you ever attended a wedding where you were not related to either the bride or the groom? Ah, well, I just did along with two of my gal pals. No, we did not gate crash, silly. The groom’s sister is an inseparable part of our girl gang. Poor thing, casually asked us and we went ahead and planned our getaway itinerary. After all, not every day do you get to do nothing but simply have fun, fun and more fun at a big, fat, Sikh Wedding.

D Day dawned on a nippy November morn. It extended into an uneventful, albeit late flight. When we finally arrived at the quaint little Chandigarh airport, we almost walked past our pick-up. Why? Because we did not recognize the name of the host on the placard. Say hello to the North where everyone is known solely by their nicknames. Happy, Rimpy, Dimpy, Smiley, Chunnu, Munnu teh Punnu, saariyan apne hainge. (Our very own Happy, Rimpy, Dimpy, Smiley, Chunnu, Munnu and Punnu.) At the hotel, we did the customary meet and greet, grabbed lunch, and then headed to our room. We had the imminent Cocktail party to flaunt our best. The girls needed their beauty sleep.

In precisely an hour or so, we were scouting the sectors of Chandigarh doing what girls do best, shopping. Just in time for the evening chai, back at the hotel, we were faced with a women duo we were trying very hard to avoid. No, nothing wrong with them, just that we were too much into our threesome. Not really looking for a crowd. A round of polite conversation and we were each to our rooms, thankfully. No casualties reported, yet.

The evening came and bling was redefined. I swear I could have worn my Gucci shades to compliment my outfit. I almost felt I was in Richie Rich’s Treasure Vault. The bonhomie, however, made up for it. Oh, and why Gucci you ask me? Well, no Brand, no Fraand. Why we even had Bagwati’s cousin from Bangkok travel with us. We could sit on the floor, but she, my dear friend, only did it on the couch. Yes, I said Bangkok. Stop grinning. Not funny!

Presenting Bagwati's cousin, Bageshwari Sheth

Presenting Bagwati’s cousin, Bageshwari Sheth

Ok, it was time for the performances and we screamed our lungs out, cheering them. That is when she caught his attention. He almost stamped my feet to get her profiles from every angle. That he had a professional zoom camera did not deter him. He probably wanted to get as close as he could. No not the bride, but the bride ki sabse badi nanand ki saheli. (Friend of the bride’s eldest sister-in-law). I figured her pics would replace Kareena’s and Priyanka’s on signboards like Sweety Beauty Parlour and Pinky Bridal Jewellery’. That’s when I made a mental note to check for a franchise option. After all what are friends for?

The night had just begun when we hit the dance floor. Not the one to be left behind, especially since the other already had her fingers in the ‘Beauty and Fashion’ sector, our babe set the Northern temperatures soaring. Move over Jacqueline, our desi girl is here to stay. I know for a fact that the videographer has 30 mins of sole video footage of her sultry moves. He went onto the stage, but the view was not so mesmerizing. He got all of us out of the frame and went down on his knees. Errr with his camera of course. No, it obviously won’t make it to the wedding video. Bachelor’s, maybe. Who knows it already must be on YOU TUBE garnering all the hits it probably deserves. Yes, henceforth, bookings of all her public appearances would be handled by me. What can I say? I am a true friend. And with that we have covered Entertainment as well. Wasn’t Chandigarh all about sectors anyway?

We breezed through the entire wedding function precisely in the same manner. Gorged on the food, tripped on the music, giggled on our giddy-headedness and couldn’t be bothered about the feathers we ruffled. Coming back to the fan club, the videographer was content with his on screen footage. He seemed adept at his job. Besides, the one time performance was stellar. The photographer on the other hand left no stone un-turned, even when he was in the Gurudwara (Temple). When he wasn’t clicking, he was simply looking. He just was so earnest that I can bet apart from the bride and groom, he must’ve clicked only the gorgeous woman next to me. Though I can’t put a number on the mental images that he must have captured.


Spot Anybody?

As for me, I was a simple blogger blending into the background, looking for stories to tell. What I have written is just the tip of the iceberg, but then again, you know what they say. Just set the fire and the smoke will spread.



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