In the land of shopping when you add a FREEBIE, you, my friend, are working on the best tool available to brands. FREE does something to us women. And when it is shoes………………It is ORGASMIC! Believe me, a scientific calculator couldn’t beat us on the various permutations and combinations we come up with to make the best of bargains. Yup, all good things come for FREE, now don’t they?


And here I am in the Mecaa of Shopping. Gee, I am so darn busy I have forgotten which letter of the week I am supposed to do. Don’t expect long posts coz I am too darn busy looking for SALE signs and trying to figure how genuine they are. Yes, I have a duty towards womankind and I take it seriously. Try ME! Oh,wait, there’s another pair that calls. Sigh, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, now can she?

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If you haven’t read Dagny yet, you are wasted….I am telling you. She is the most level headed blog person I have come across. Need some soul searching, here is where you ought to go.

Richa has got pots of gold on her blog……So visit.

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Been there, done that.  Broadcast to the world.



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