My husband can trust me in a diamond store, but he just won’t let me go unaccompanied to a home decor store. And if the store is a certain DIY kinda place, it is a strict no-no. Anyone who knows me, knows my love for IKEA. And since the hubby does know me, a fair amount by now, he dreads these shopping sprees.

I was introduced to IKEA by a friend who was doing up his home, and I was instantly hooked on to them. Their magazines are a great source of ideas and their prices are decent too. If you have visited them, their in-house displays are to die for. I could live there, happily ever after. I have been waiting for them to open shop in India. And though they did get the go ahead, I have no clue what’s taking them so long. Hence, every foreign trip, if there is an IKEA, will visit is my mantra. So far, I’ve fulfilled my obligation in Dubai (umpteen times), China, Singapore and more recently Abu Dhabi.

A friend introduced me to this site for IKEA lovers. It shows multiple things that can be done with a singular product. It just goes to prove creativity thrives on imagination. So, are you an IKEA fan too?


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