This post is a part of both, Wandering Wednesday Series & The A-Z Challenge – April 2013  
My Wandering Wednesday Series are dedicated to the flight of my imagination now and then, captured by my camera lens. And then, favourite songs and movies simply fill in the gaps for the right captions! I try to give you the backstory of the picture too. Perhaps you may see a tale hidden there. Check the previous posts here.
Inscriptions tell tales of an era gone by. They seamlessly stitch the how, why, when, where and what of yesterday. Then they add up the answers for a relevant today and pose a new set of questions for an awaiting tomorrow. A sign is sometimes all that you need. A symbol of affection goes a long way. A mark of appreciation is cherished. Sometimes all it takes is to read the writing on the wall. So are you leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs? Or your footsteps have created a path of their own?
This picture has been clicked on my visit to the Kanheri Caves in Mumbai last February. 109 caves carved from Basalt, dating back to the first century, a true historical delight. The writing is the Gupta Brahmi Script from which the Devanagiri script was eventually derived. Devanagiri is considered to be the fount of most Indian scripts.
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