When I say round, what things come to your mind? A ring? A ball, perhaps? A hula hoop or a disc? A CD,  a watch dial, a coin, a burger………….the possibilities are endless. How about a round building? Yes, you read correctly. Have you ever seen one? And I don’t mean towers in a circle. I mean a ROUND building.

The Aldar Head Quarters located in Al Raha in Abu Dhabi is the first circular skyscraper of its kind in the Middle East. Designed around the golden ratio, a diagonal steel grid keeps it in place. Aesthetic and futuristic, it is an iconic structure of our times. If you ever get the chance, do go up, close and personal.

In fact as your flight takes off, the Round building as I call it, shines on the skyline reminding us of the power of the human mind.


Been there, done that. Broadcast to the world.



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