I love doing up the house. In fact, nothing makes me happier than a fresh coat of paint and new home accessories. It is almost a Christmas tradition that I have initiated. So, come November and I have a harem of men in my home. From plumbers to electricians, painters to carpenters, they all become a part of my extended family. So much so, that as Christmas day nears, I have to make extra efforts to get them to leave. This year, we did not indulge in my favorite activity. The husband was very happy. Actually, it just got postponed to Easter. And then, I was very happy.

I firmly believe, change helps clear the aura around the home. Probably, that is why I have an annual winter-cleaning session. And I love bright colours. They lift the mood like nothing else. My home is my territory. It is the place where I spend the better part of my life. Hence, it comes with my personal stamp on it. It is the essence of the family that resides there. I do hire professional services but the design and its elements are all taken care of by moi. Being house proud is a feather in my cap that I love to flaunt. 
Gonna leave you with a few ‘before and after’ pics. Hope you like them. So, do you have a fetish for a sparkling new home too? How do you go about it? Do leave me a link to visit. 

The Living Room last year, with a self designed bird lamp. 


The Living Room this year, fresh and green.
This POP tree has been made by me as well. It has drawn quite a few eyeballs and undergone many makeovers. The Flowers from Brands for Less and Tea Lites from IKEA
The Tree of Life, now in natural wood colour. 



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