Call me old-fashioned, but I like things as they are designed to be. A wrist watch for instance should be just that. A watch. Not a tele-porting device, unless I am in a rehashed Star Trek remake down South. And yes, I would gladly flaunt it like an accessory, and no I don’t want it to be synced to every minute aspect of my life. It is a watch for the umpteenth time! Yes, I warned you. I am old-fashioned.

And so imagine my delight when I was to be part of an intimate gathering for the innovative Swiss brand that revolutionized the luxury watch segment. A brand that had captured the fascination of watch lovers around the world with their cult timepieces. All White in RADO was an evening I was quite looking forward to.

My first brush with RADO was in my late teens, actually. Dad was a true blue fan of the iconic gold dial watch. And I speak of a time when ‘imported goods’ were still a distant dream for regular middle class families. I remember us collecting money for over two years to come up with the exclusive price tag. And then the wait that someone would make a trip to Dubai sometime soon. The ecstatic look on his face when he held his first and only Rado in his hands, unforgettable.

Mumbai rains render the city picturesque. It was on one such downcast evening that select bloggers made their way to Taj Land’s End, Bandra. The setting at the private dining in Min Yang was elegant. A long table for twelve awaited against the pristine backdrop of white display shelves, ably offset by mahogany flooring. Clear crystal glistened in the soft candle light, sometimes mirroring the flowers that adorned the table. Yet, what caught the eye were the inimitable fashionable pieces of art displayed across the room. I wondered if I would get to hold them.

Simran Chandoke(Brand Manager, RADO) and Piyush Kumar(Marketing Manager RADO) welcomed us. A round of introductions was followed by pleasantries which gave way to the informal conversations. Food and wine were flowing freely, when there walked in the gorgeous Lisa Ray. A few minutes post that are slightly blurred in my memory, for the ‘Aafreen’ girl was right here in our midst. You would have expected her to be all pretentious that she is a celebrity, and all that jazz. However the brand ambassadress floored us with her ‘girl next door’ demeanour. The evening continued as though we were long-lost friends. She spoke of all, her good times and bad, and stood tall. That bonhomie and just good ol’ face to face conversation was my favourite part. Well, at least one of the fav bits.

The RADO journey has been one of masterful technology and aesthetics. The pioneer of high-tech ceramic and high-tech diamond use in watches, it continues to inspire. What is noteworthy is that the All in White Collection was for all the ladies who probably go green at the men’s collections. Well, no more! The beauty that took many a breath away that evening was the tactile watch ‘Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch’. Scratch resistant, ultra-light and crafted in white ceramic, this crown-less baby responds to touch! Well, the time is adjusted by sliding your fingers, like a smart phone and you press to select the desired time. A soon-to-be patented technology (tactile in ceramic), it had all the women swooning over its gorgeousness. Another piece of magnificence was this slimmest watch equivalent to three stacked credit cards in dimensions. Yes, go figure. RADO, seems to be all out to capture the heart of the ladies, in style.

As the evening progressed, we played a few games and indulged in a whole lotta photo ops. This was my second favourite part. Start to finish, this was a rendezvous I am glad I was a part of. Full marks to our gracious hosts for making it so memorable. And if I say, I had the time of my life.……….. I wouldn’t be wrong now, would I?

A closer look at the evening via the official photo shoot. Enjoy!

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