Woke up with this wonderful ghazal by Jagjit Singh playing as a background score to my mundane life. One of my ever favourite Ghazal singers, I’ve spent many a childhood days listening to his soulful melodies, along with my dad. This particular song was from his album, ‘A sound affair’ released in 1985. My dad always said, the best way to live on is like a melody in the heart. The song might fade but the rhythm can never be erased.

The power that music can have over a person or the enigma that certain lyrics hold is lost on many of the present day song writers. Today, if I need to sit and enjoy a song with my daughter, I have to first censor the words and delve into all the possible hidden meanings.

While I humbly try to decipher the beautiful message of this soul wrenching melody, I come nowhere to its exceptional brilliance. Yet, it remains one of my most favourite lines, a symphony of everything I’d like to tell my God, when I do meet him. And so I just had to share….

O Lord, turn this scorching desert into the soothing sea
Else, at least, harden the gentle tears that befall the eyes
I haven’t seen you, the heart has sensed your presence
Someday, do come and etch a form for this feeling
There is nothing else that I desire but just

Equate my needs with your means to fulfill them



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