One of my most fav movies ever, Golmaal (the original) directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee  remains a comedy you can come back to, every now and then. The famed twin brother scenario worked to the hilt, it is a must watch. The actors, and I say actors because each one added their dimension to the characters and the plot, are unforgettable.

So, as I woke this morning, I was humming this song and I knew I just had to let it out here. Penned by Gulzar, composed by R.D. Burman and sung by the evergreen Kishore Kumar, a song that will leave you smiling.
This song brings to mind the truest statement of a singular lifetime, “This too shall pass”. Yes, even as I write this and you will subsequently read it, the moment of creating this would have long passed. All I would be left with would be the memory of when I did. And because I am in charge of creating my own treasure trove, I choose happy thoughts. And you?

This moment will be gone too soon

Make life happen while you can

In this here and now that gently passes by


I chanced upon an innocent bud set to bloom

Happily wandering in the hued flower maze

I see her but can’t seem to find her

In this here and now that gently passes by


Whenever a moment falls from time

A story you find of an era gone by

With many a smile, perhaps a few tears

This here and now, too, will gently pass by




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