St. Andrews College is etched in my memory as a place I like to visit now and then. The all too familiar surroundings pretty much takes me back in time. So much has changed and yet it has the quaint look it did 11 years ago. Back then, it was one of the only colleges that took interviews rather than your mark sheets to those seeking admission. 

My first day in college gave me my ‘bestest’ friend, a friendship we cherish till date even over the miles. Our junior college professors were teachers in the true sense. The transition from a protected school environment to one of responsible freedom in college happened with ease. Then came the opportunity of being a senior… have to be one to know what I am talking about. Teachers who were more like friends and continue to be that till date. Any one who has seen Mam Desiree has to love advertising. Mam Mody’s passion for Economics made us think that maybe we are really missing something between the demand and supply theory. Mam Braganza and her amazing sarees………….of course Organisation of Commerce was never taught better. Somehow it’s the women folk I remember with élan, don’t ask me why!!!

In my years at Andrews we met people from all walks of life….it taught me to adapt.

We were exposed to various competitions and clubs… taught me to participate.

There were annual days, sports days and elocutions……….it taught me to take centre stage

We had mass as the beginning of every function……….it made me believe.

Met some difficult people too……….it taught me to negotiate.

We had an eclectic mix of staff and students………….I made great friends and beautiful memories.

We had teachings within an education…………….it made my life!

Would all this have been possible with an online education? I think not. Monetarily the courses could be economical. They could be worthwhile too. But the interaction within the confinement of your four walls doesn’t make for wholesome education. What I got at college wasn’t just some bookish knowledge, it was application of what we learnt. Yes, interaction and help is available online too, but I’m conventional that way. 

Online courses could help those who have time constraints or need an up gradation in their work status. It definitely has it’s benefits, provided the course has due credentials.  However, sitting with friends and learning (or not) has an old world charm. You have to enjoy it first hand. Rollicking in the campus, chatting in the cafeteria, debating on stage and gossiping in the restrooms, online courses do fall short there. They can’t help you build on life skills. 

Maybe there will be a time where education will only be streamed live to your homes. The Television is already having edutainment as a sector. Virtual keyboards might replace the conventional paper and pen. But till such a time comes, I want to be able to hear my teacher talk about all the wondrous things I will experience in life. I want to be able to look at that cute boy and sigh. If he catches my eye, I’ll just pretend he doesn’t exist and do the happy dance in my head. 

Yup the world is moving fast and there ain’t no turning back. Maybe it is like fighting a lost battle, but for now, I am happy that we can chat face to face and not just on FACEBOOK! And since I have the choice, I pick actual socializing over a favorable social platform

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt was  Do you think online college courses are worth the money?hosted by Toni Lynn Ferro-Cloutier



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