“How much did you pay for this thing?” I asked my husband incredulously. And when I heard the amount I shook my head indicating my displeasure. “Clearly you have been taken for a ride. Next time ask me before you buy me a present.” My focus was on the PRICE and not the value…

“How much are you worth?” I was once asked by a priest friend. While I tried to find a suitable answer he said, “Any day, lesser than 30 pieces of silver.” I was awestruck. Here the focus was on the VALUE for the price paid.

Many a times in our lives we oscillate between Price and Value. No, they don’t mean the one and same thing. Prices change, values don’t! 

Values being non tangible connect to the heart, mind and soul. If you offer your seat to an elderly person, you’ve been raised well. If you respect opinions even if you don’t confirm to them, you’ve been taught well. And if you know who rather than what to hold on to, then you’ve learnt well. Values are imbibed, values are inherited, values are unwritten codes of conduct that can run nations and ruin families, all in the same breath. Values make a man into a gentleman and a woman into a lady.

So in all of the above what matters to me? What is that one thing that I can’t absolutely compromise on? My conscience is my guide on this one. If I know and feel something is wrong, I just can’t sit and twiddle my thumbs. Even if it ain’t my fight, I do get involved. Someone may say I am crazy to fall into trouble like that. But c’est la vie! The way I have been raised, I know injustice does not differentiate between who it patronizes. If you don’t raise your voice when it matters, there is no point in being an orator otherwise. 

I think half the world issues would be sorted if we speak up rather than speak about. Want to make a difference, make your voice heard. No, it always won’t be easy and yes, you will be in awkward situations at times. But then at least you will not live to regret it with a What if only…………………

Remember ‘maybe’ is not an option, it is just an indecisive interim that won’t take you anywhere. You will have to make the first move, to get onto a path. 

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt “What do you Value?” was hosted by Emily



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