This video pretty much sums my state of mind………….. apologizing don’t come easy to me. At least not the one where I mean it whole heartedly. My point being, if it mattered to you in the first place, you’d make an effort not to screw up. Oh of course, I can say different situations have different permutations and combinations. But it all ends with a decision that we make, to be or not to be.

Apart from having a phobia for the S word, I also have a very high opinion about myself. Yes, now would be a nice time to leave the blog if you wish. No, you don’t need to apologize. I get that all the time.

So where was I? Yes, so I think that I am quite above perfection. In fact, I’d like to think I am a masterpiece. So when lesser mortals come into contact, I think it is a karmic connection. Very rarely do I come across a person I’d like to hold on to or look up to. And when ever I do, I make sure………………..sorry is not what I will need to say to retain them in my life.

A relationship cannot be salvaged by apologizing. The hurt can reduce, yet the scar remains. If you are the kinds who can show off your battle wounds, then great. But if you are the kinds that favours the ever expanding kingdom of Botox, this could be a slight problem. Me, I am the types that can forgive, but forgetting is a problem. Blessed with the memory of an elephant (and a body too……so the servers are never down). Add to that, I am a Commerce graduate, so my balance sheets have to tally in the end. A bad debts is better than a suspense account. Miscellaneous expenses can be utilized to increase assets and reduce liabilities. Bottom line, the accounts should make me look good.

So the million dollar question is…………….will I or won’t I say sorry? If you really mean that much to me…………..I’ll simply hug you. That’s your cue!

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt ‘Sorry’ was hosted by Sylvie



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