Let’s face it, banking is not one of my favourite chores. Ok, I hate cooking more. Banking comes a close second. Why, you ask. Well for starters, too many counters. Way too many executives wanting to sell something to meet their monthly targets. You stand in a queue for a simple transaction. Yes, of course you’d argue, there is the convenience of net banking, but the secured logins and their escapades have deepened the worry lines on my forehead. Why, I have forgotten my net banking password thrice in the last year. Now, I’ve just given up!

So, I really went to the Indiblogger Kotak JIFI meet just to meet my blogger friends. Besides it was at this nice cafe that I’d been longing to visit – Cafe Zoe. The ambiance was warm and inviting, the staff was courteous and customer friendly, and we were in high spirits. So we had the regular IndiBlogger escapades that we do, where we sing and dance like no one’s watching. Of course, the pictures on FB the next day via the zillion cameras around, catch every move you didn’t intend to make. But then that’s another story. So, we’d stuffed our faces and drenched our souls. Retaining any sort of information now would be a miracle!

And then he walked in, Chetan Bhagat. Contrary to popular belief, the man can take a joke at his expense. In my books, that earns you brownie points immediately, for it takes a very secure person to do that. I’ll refrain from commenting on his writing because I am not an equal. The day I have published books and film scripts made out of them, I’ll be in a position to debate. Today, I can only speculate. And assumptions, I believe, buy you nothing but a false sense of importance.

So, as he took us through his forthcoming movie Two States, he also mentioned his long-standing association with Kotak Mahindra Bank. And from there, he went on to talk about Social Banking with JIFI along with Mr. K.V.S. Manian, Country Head Consumer Banking at Kotak Mahindra.  Currently available in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Pune, this account offers you a zero balance along with various sign up benefits, and well a platinum card thrown in. Now that is a given with any new account, I thought to myself. What is the USP of JIFI? Why would I want a new bank account? Well, post a couple of presentations and a question and answer session across three cities, simultaneously, we had some more answers.

The FIVE POINT SOMEONE IN A #JIFI at Kotak Mahindra Bank.






Bottom line –
1. I needed no long passwords and verification to access my balance, I could simply tweet a request.
2. My network on social circles could actually be worthwhile after all.
3. Referral points were like poker chips, there was no rule on the amount you could own.
4. My bank account worked hard to cater to my requirements and my budget, both.
5. The money in my account was no longer idle, it had a job to do…make more money.

Well, it did seem lucrative and clearly aimed at the youngistan lot. But then again, I heard a wise man once say, if you want people to listen to you, speak their language. I guess Kotak Mahindra has their hand on the pulse of the youth bracket. All that remains to be seen is if #JIFI will sweep the polls. To find out more visit https://www.kotakjifi.com/



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