I had finally done it! I had bared my soul into cyberspace behind the sheer curtains of an unknown identity. What was I thinking? Wasn’t I taught never to speak to strangers? Every rule in the book defied the logic of my undertaking. Yet, what was done was done! The delete button probably had another 24 hours before it was utilized in vengeance.                                  

Morning came and how….people I didn’t know saw what perhaps people who know would not have. The intricacies of the writing were encouraged with many a trip down memory lane. The warmth welled in my eyes as gratitude overflowed. I had come home!                                                    

And just like that as I glanced outside my window I felt free spirited like the wind, stopping at times to catch my breath. I know my dreams aspire to be higher than the clear blue skies, yet reality shows me new wonders in my backyard practically every day. Tempestuous like the sea, at times I thunder like the angry clouds, upset at not having their way. Then I remind myself that after every storm comes calm and the realization of not only the harm done but also the graces received.

My good fortune is abundant like the flowers and they tell me it all comes with a time frame to make it count. My tears flow alongside the rain for the ones I’ve lost along the way, but the rainbow promises me that they live on in me in a myriad of colors.  I am deep rooted in my traditions yet want to branch out in the contemporary ways of the world. At times I am graceful like the gleaming waters of the stream, at other times I am the stubborn summer heat that just refuses to retreat. I bend like the tree laden with fruit for the ones I love but for the ones I can’t accommodate, I wash ashore like the refuse of the sea. As a woman I complete the circle of life. I am made in the image of His perfection and yet my imperfect ways make me who I am. I remain, simply me.                                                                       

You have not seen any of this and yet you open your arms to welcome me. And just like that I am one of so many of you. And because I have received, I have an obligation to give, wholeheartedly. So I equally welcome you into my world and hopefully in this madness we might find the solitude that speaks in words of silence.                                                              

P.S : Special Thank you to Purba Ray for being my lucky charm 🙂                                      



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