Something about brides….and weddings that gets me misty eyed.ย Another sonnet written for the same theme, thought I’d share the song that inspired the poem ๐Ÿ™‚



Tempestuously, her silver anklets tinkle

Her heartbeat, the ornate bangles, jingle

Mesmerizing eyes hold a million dreams

Emotions run like an inhibited stream

Quivering lips that part into a shy smile

A coy demeanor that spells docile

In a gorgeous braid, her thick long hair

Of fallen petals, the fragrance fills the air

A bedecked palanquin is where she sits

To a new future her past she submits

The bud that flowered in the fatherโ€™s house

Must now scent the gardens of the spouse

Once a daughter, but now she is a wife

Tradition calls it the circle of life.



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