Blogging has been accepted as mainstream e-cinematic expression. Yours truly has won the coveted statuette for a formidable online debut. And I’m making my first ever Oscar Speech! If you are shaking your head, let me remind you, my blog……….my words. So here goes nothing.

I’d like to thank my house help, without who I would not survive another day. My lifeline, she fills my world with sunshine and shines of every other kind from furniture polish to sparkling glass panes. You girl are the reason I breathe. (Don’t ever leave me!)

I must mention my kitty cats. If you women weren’t a part of my life, I’d have nothing to write about. My crown of the Queen of Sarcasm would never ever have graced my head. You all have taught me what being a bitch truly means and I remain eternally grateful.

My contemporaries who have been so supportive in every brick that they have thrown. Why, I’ve got myself a pretty fire place. Keep them coming, I need an extra bedroom. 

I have to say a few lines on my mother or she will be very offended. Mom, you are the very reason why I am the way I am… go figure! (Finally, I have the last word….)

Somehow it is just the women folk who come to mind in this 2 minute ode. The men I have come across have been grateful for the ‘odd jobs’ here and there and couldn’t be bothered with a mention on this podium. 

If I am forgetting anybody, it is intentional. You probably haven’t made that kind of an impact. And just coz you have been mentioned don’t mean that I fancy you either. Please do read between the lines. Otherwise, I do really wish for a better world to live in………… seriously I do. Wait I’m not done….and I believe in God and family and passion for life and ……………………(music crescendo)

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt ‘dedication’ was hosted by Suzy



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