The flickering flame burned with passion
With every emotional rise and fall
That moment of ecstasy is etched
By their shadows all over the wall

He chose a different path from her
She saw him walk down the aisle
A broken heart and shattered dreams 
Were shadowed by a brave smile

Years passed, by chance they met
They had so much to simply share
Memory floodgates broke open
Their shadows didn’t seem to care

Between a moment all too familiar
He spoke as he looked her in the eyes
I thought you’d make it big someday
But you’ve taken me by surprise

Not only have you resigned to fate
But have succumbed to an ordinary life
I am the master of my own will
And I have a rich and famous wife

Her mind and body revolted
To the words that were spoken
This was a man she once loved
He naivety left her so broken

As she gathered her belongings
She knew she had to find her way
This was not yet over she promised
As she swore to get even some day
Years passed and then one day
He saw her make the news
She’d won accolades for her book
And everyone wanted her views
No one should have that power 
No one should be in control
To make you feel so little
That you doubt your own soul
Darkness is a true friend she said
It enveloped all and I stand tall
So when I finally faced the sun 
I emerged from the shadows on the wall

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt was ‘Shadows’hosted by Leigh



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