10 brownie points for you, if you thought of Enrique Iglesias the moment you read the title.  Such a dish that boy is, I tell you. And Escape is one of those numbers that makes me go weak in the knees and everywhere else. Oh, well, now that we have that bit covered, let’s focus.

Each one of us loves to escape every once in a while. It could be with a person or to a place. It could also mean a secret dream or a long standing goal. Our escapades give us a well deserving break, a gentle prod or simply a secluded world of solace. To many, childhood is a place they like to visit now and then. Puberty, maybe not so much. The first crush, contrary to what most people would say, remains the most revisited memory. Unless, of course you happened to marry her and lived to regret it. In that case, accept my sympathies. Sorry, you did not manage to escape that!
The word escape has a sense of adventure like no other. It signifies freedom, determination and fortitude. It exemplifies the ability to win against all odds. You can escape a misfortune with good luck on your side. You can escape into a book on the strength of sheer imagination. A prayer can escape your lips as a silent thanksgiving. Or you can simply escape to an impromptu getaway. No matter what you say or do, an escapade is what makes for great stories.
I love to break into little adventures now and then. When I am in my secret hideout, no one can break in. I could be with you but I’m not there. I am some place far away. And you sound like a faint echo that I choose to ignore.  I have retreated into a world of my own. Out there, I enjoy the solace of my own company. The silence of my thoughts merged with the rhythm of my heartbeat, bliss. And into this wonderland, I can escape right before your eyes.

No, I can’t take you with me. Some places are meant for a solitary rendezvous. It is here that I realize who I am. It is here that I know who my friends are. It is here that I weave stories of the world outside. It is here that I am, just me. Where is this place? How do I get there? How often do I visit? Every morning, between 7.30 am and 8.00 am. Just after the daughter and the husband have left for school and work respectively. My cuppa coffee beckons. I sit by my window and take in the gift of another beautiful day. That half hour is my armour to face the day. I just be. I go with the flow. I feel the gratitude and I tell myself “So, what are the plans for today?”


Day 5 of the A-Z Challenge



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