“You think this would work”, she asked.

“We can give it a try. Worse comes to worse, we’ll know if it doesn’t”, I replied.

And so over a random conversation, the idea to merge Fashion with Personal Bloggers was born. Halleujah for Facebook and Whatsapp! The brainchild of the woman who mixes and matches her wardrobe but never minces her words. If you don’t already know, she is Fashionopolis’ very own Amena. She can brighten a room with her sunshine smile and can look down on your imitation Gucci handbag with disgust, all in the same breath. And here she was talking to a woman who’d rather shop at Fashion Street than own a singular piece of designer wear. Well, that’s why most failures are hidden behind the garb of experimentation. Silently, I think both of us were gearing for it. Fortunately, post a great deal of planning, back and forth on mails, and rescheduling, we were good to go. September 1st, 2 pm, was a date that we had with the French Gods of Style – Jean Claude Biguine.

That Sunday saw women come from across the city, in all shapes and sizes, to experience what the fashionistas get to, all the time. JCB – Khar looked like any other salon from the outside. A glass facade, loaded with products and skilled staff. It was when we entered, did we realize, what we were in for. Right from the staircase that led to the hallway to the salon decor, everything was très chic. Amidst spaces of white, black was used liberally to accessorize. The overall look of the salon was clean, spacious and very inviting. The seamless expression of fluidity was carried through in minute details, be it the Eiffel Tower that overlooked the reception, the elegant magazine holder or the inviting chaise longue. Everything was a style statement. We walked in like a bunch of eager school girls, waiting to be starstruck. And no, we were not disappointed.

We had a range of treatments to pick from. Right from a glorious head massage to a luxurious pedicure or manicure, take your pick. We all very quickly made our smart choices. And the afternoon saw us women in various stages of nirvana. The staff were not only obliging, but very forthcoming in their suggestions. They took utmost care to ensure that we were experiencing the best of both, their services and their hospitality.

And right enough as on cue, the wines made their entrance, red and white were yours for the asking. This followed by mouthwatering appetizers, truly made it a day in heaven. No cooking on a Sunday, getting pampered and being served, what more could a woman ask for! Oh, but there was more. We all got twin goody bags. JCB showered us with discount vouchers and a year’s membership across their chain of salons. And Icing on Top, the exquisite confectionery store, made our day with mouthwatering delicacies.  Sunday afternoon had never been more perfect!

As I left the salon that afternoon, satiated on conversations and camaraderie, I realized how much an hour or two of self indulgence boosts up your spirits. I came home rejuvenated and was in the state of bliss for the next hour or so. I had taken a nice head massage and was more than happy to let my hair down, literally. And I made a promise to myself. No matter what, never, ever compromise on my ‘me time’. And I’m happy to report, I’ve been doing good on that account. And looks like my next appointment at Jean Claude Biguine is due, soon.  N’est-ce pas?

A special thank you to Team JCB, especially Aishwarya who made us feel so at home. Twinkle Dalal for making us look pretty as a picture. Icing On top for being so generous and of course, our dear Amena for painstakingly organizing this for the IndiBlogeshwaris. We love you girl!



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