Ah. those innocent looks!

Tinkle Snuggles Crasto was an unplanned pet.  And yet there she was, that ball of fur that purred her way into our lives.  Of course, like all good things, she was a delight to be around. The hubby was slowly thawing towards her. Life as we knew it……. was good.


We do stop to smell the flowers

And then the change began. Slowly, but surely, we were being replaced. The first signs came about when the suspect (read husband) came back from a foreign trip sans any goodies. I was a given, but the daughter? Well, it was an expensive country and he had gone on a business tour. So, we were all ready to forgive him, when out popped 5 packets of cat food! We should have read the signs then.


We love getting BOXED!

The secrets that lie behind those sheer curtains

The affair, since then, has only grown. To which, may I add, Tinkle reciprocates fully. She spends the day sleeping but the sound of the evening doorbell and she is purring like a racing engine. Enter, the husband, and all hell breaks loose. We are nobody. He is her Lord and Master, and oh, how he loves it.

Oh just see the love that overflows

He goes looking for Omega Rich food for her. He has invested in so many toys to keep her busy, we have a mini fortune out there. He hangs halfway outside the balcony if is she is on the parapet, urging the love of his life to return. Heck, he calls from the US and urges me to put the phone on speaker so he can talk to her. BTW, her name tag has his number on it. Never mind that if she goes missing, God forbid, I will be the one hunting for her! Two months ago he took her to a pet spa for a day of relaxation. My trips to the salon, let me add, are considered as EXPENSE. Her’s are cited as a DAY OUT! WTF! Last week, however,  he crossed all barriers. He plans to have her nominated in his will. No, don’t do the age math. I tried. He got furious, called me insensitive and must have visited a divorce lawyer by now, I’m guessing. All this, when he did not even want the cat at home in the first place!!!!!!


She knows she’s got it covered!

As far as Tinkle is concerned, she knows she has him wrapped around her tail. My daughter and I can’t grow one, so we clearly are not in the same league. Bottom line, we’ve learnt, there can be no competition with a pussy. Don’t blame us dammit…………..look at that face. Sigh….♥ ♥ ♥


Daughter’s Day Special



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