So, all those who know me, know how I was arm twisted into becoming a cat person. And then how that brat took over my house, my family and my life! You’d also believe that I quickly learned my lesson and recovered from the feline attack. Of course, I did. That was two years ago.

However the news had spread in the neighborhood. Somehow, the cat kingdom got to know that we accepted damaged goods. So around this Christmas past, a little ball of fur, not more than a few weeks old, came looking for us in our building compound. Since we knew the drill, the husband and I were firm in the face of the daughter’s antics. Her arguments of ‘since I don’t have a sister…….’ were simply given the royal ignore. But that daughter of ours is a tough cookie. She managed to con her father, yet again! She got her up for just a day and was happy to take care of her food and the fleas (yuck). Since we were travelling the weekend, we left ‘the one who had not been named, yet’Β with the security guard.

That was our BIG mistake. We came back to find her leg bitten by a bandicoot. And the sad bit, it had been more than 48 hours! We rushed to the vet immediately. They said that she’d lost sensation in the paw. They might have to amputate her leg, perhaps. They did the dressing and asked us to get her back the next day. We were feeling miserable.Β We vowed to keep her till she got better. The poor thing was dragging her foot. It was painful to watch. And the dressing routine continued for almost a month.

“What do you call her?”

“We haven’t named her yet. We don’t intend keeping her. We already have a cat.”

She continued to be ‘the one who had not been named, yet’. Our responses were standard to all who asked us this question. Our intentions were clear, and we planned on sticking to the plan of action. And then came the final day when the dressing was to be taken off. She kept wriggling, perhaps in anticipation of freedom, and I said…. “What an enthu cutlet!”

“Cutlet? Is that her name?”

“Errr, no….I…”

“That’s a good one. We have a Cookie, and two Brownies but no Cutlet in our database.”

We looked at the vet, my daughter and I, and with that, our fate was sealed.
The one who had not been named, had gotten a home.

Since then, Tinkle has warmed up to her and the Daddy loves his ‘GIRLS’. The princess made Cutlet a diaper to get her potty trained, and Cutlet wants to do everything that her older siblings do. And I, ladies and gentleman, am the official referee in this game. Welcome to my world.

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