I love collecting quotes! And then using them at my free will. I have quite a few favorites, and they are synonymous with my personality. Quotes can turn a rainy day inside out. They can even turn a frown upside down. Sometimes, they carry a world of wisdom, at other times they ease you up. Yes, quotes are an instant face lift!

I think I fell in love with quotes as a little girl. My dad would always use phrases and quotes to size up a situation, especially when I was unable to understand. (Read – refused to understand) His easy-going demeanor, coupled with the instant gratification his words offered, I think I was hooked for life.

And so you can imagine my delight when I found one of my favorite quotes in a store. And believe you me, it was the perfect setting! I just had to take a picture. Don’t tell me you don’t hear the symphony? 😀


Been there, done that. Broadcast to the world.



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